Surface Design

Here is a collection of projects designed and produced on different surfaces.


Sun Dial Series

Here is the first round of Sun Dials created by the inspiration of Moholy-Nagy and the personal challenge of getting off the grid (graph paper) and abstractly placing objects. These are roughly 8 x 11" hand torn paper with ink and acrylic paint. They come in this 10.5 x 14" acrylic floating frame for $145 each. Click to see the rest!


Alfred Coffee, Silverlake Ca.

Painted a version of geometric tree top mural at Alfred Coffee.


Kim Sing Theatre, Los Angeles Ca.

This theatre was established in 1926 during the height of Art Deco design in Los Angeles. I had the great pleasure painting a marquee above it's exit.


Batu Bata

Here is a little series of deep red shades, gold leaf and resin. I call them Batu Bata, which means 'bricks' in Indonesian.

Glistening Flora

Inspired by the thought of having a coffee in a dark jungle while looking up at glistening flora. Alfred Coffee in Silverlake kindly allowed me to paint this style on 3 of their walls.


A Golden Flash in Space

This piece was created for Andrea Shaffer who purchased the impressive Concrete House by architect Fred McDowell. I was inspired by the color palette of Gustav Klimt and the views from the living room. It is made of a 24" x 48" wooden panel with acrylic paint, gold leaf and a thick resin coat.


Via Vinca

A painting collection made of acrylic, gold leaf and resin. These symbols represent the common aesthetic between Art Deco, the 80s and the celestial realm.


Street Hearts

This project began when I realized the 101 freeway and it's commuters needed some extra color and love.



Jungle inspired jewelry made in sterling silver, rose gold and yellow gold vermeil. I worked along side unbelievably talented artisans in Bali, Indonesia to bring these designs to life.